Holy Confusion

So, we’re sitting there, watching “The Bible” on TV, and the comments are priceless.

Apparently, some of us need to brush up on your Bible stories.

The comments went something like this:

“So, all the people of the earth were wiped out…so that just left Noah’s family?  So, to replenish the earth, the brothers and sisters…..EWWWW!”

“Who knew Noah had a Scottish accent?”

“I think this is where Abraham tries to sacrifice his son.”

“And they put him in a basket?”

“No, that was Moses.”

“But wasn’t he was the wise one?”

“No, that was Solomon.”

“Wait, we went from Abraham to Moses.  What happened to Isaac and Joseph?”

“Jesus’ dad?”

“No, the Old Testament Joseph”

“Why was there so much male pattern baldness in Egypt?”

The series is interesting, but I think I’ll wait for the book to come out.

Tim Hunter

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