One Wacky Guy

So, what do you want to know about me?  My bio is up on my main website,  Life has been an adventure, but an amazing journey.  I’m convinced everyone’s life would make a good book and mine would be no exception.  At some point, I’d like to put down some of the wilder things that I’ve experienced during this ride so that my kids and/or anyone interested would benefit.  I’m extremely happily married, with a beautiful wife named Victoria.  The rest of the cast includes daughter Christina and her awesome husband Ryan, my son Tyson and my two newest kids, Kjersti and Nick.

Oh, for God’s sake, if I don’t mention the cats Gob & Angel, there could be repercussions.

That’s me.  Thanks for the connection…


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10 thoughts on “One Wacky Guy

  1. Hey Tim! I just read the latest “Wacky Week” installment – which led me to “Tim’s Blog.” Dang! Another 45 minutes shot. Oh, well. I’m borrowing your Easter/Christmas comparison. for my Kiwanis club. You remember that club – Northshore Kiwanis.

    Say! I have a great idea. Why don’t you get up early one Wednesday morning and come talk to us about your e-column and/or blog? Get you some more recognition. I can give you a date sometime after May 1st. How about it???

    Fred Hering


    • I’d be up for another appearance. It’s been a while and I’d love to share some thoughts about my e-life.
      Pick a couple of dates that you’re thinking about and I’ll let you know which one works.

      All the best,



  2. Hi,

    With the Mariners actually doing well this year, I was reminded of the ‘95 season and a song that I think was only played on KLSY. There had been a song called, “Faith,” with lyrics “Faith, That the morning sun will shine,” and the artist had done a Mariners version. Would you by chance remember the song, and what the artist’s name was?



  3. Tim Hunter is that you, my long lost friend who did a rap song for Julie when we were leaving the country in 1982. Tim you were a great guy and nothing would make me happier than to find out that this is you, and that you are a happy camper. Really.
    Your old comrade and roommate, Steve Cejtin and Julie Russell


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