The Family Time Capsule

We hadn’t planned it this way.  In fact, I assumed it had been lost forever.

Almost two years ago, we held a graduation party for my two step-kids—Nick from the UW and Kjersti from Bastyr University.  It was a family gathering, with lots of the outer fringes invited, some of their friends, and a few folks I had never met before.   The event was a huge success, cleanup was underway and then I realized, I couldn’t find my Flip camera.

I had been running around like the filming maniac I am, capturing video of our guests, interaction with people, shots of the cakes, etc.  But as we put our house back together, that camera was nowhere to be found.  I began to imagine what could have happened.  Maybe I accidentally threw it out?  No one would steal it, would they?  Nawwwww!  But it was just plain gone.

So, I ended up going out and buying another one, which I use quite a bit to capture video when the quality isn’t that important.  The Flip was such a wonderful invention that it’s maker decided to just stop selling them.  Apparently, they were just too good.

Fast forward to a week ago, when our remote control for the surround sound could not be found.  I figured it had fallen in the cushions and my suspicions were right, except–wait!  This thing has a handle….could it be?  It was.

We found the remote AND the Flip camera with home movies taken that day from 2011 that were never viewed.  I know that on them are contained videos of now former girlfriends, even one family member who is no longer with us.  To be honest, I haven’t viewed them yet.  I don’t know why other than I have a family time capsule on my hands.  I’m tempted to see how long I can resist looking back.

Tim Hunter

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