I’m Blaming the Car

It happened twice this week.

The temperatures have started to head south around here, which means there are mornings that I have to scrape the windshield before going anywhere.  Not being a fan of wearing a coat, I will sometimes brave the initial cold and dash to the car, then drive to work in comfort while the inside warms up.  Around the half-way mark to work, the car is toasty warm.

But not once, but twice this past week, I was going through my morning routine when the darn car just wasn’t warming up.  I was half-way to work and freezing!  I turned up the temperature setting, but it was still cold inside the car.  There I was, once again, multi-tasking–driving, listening to what was being said on the radio, and trying to figure out why I was still so cold and…

Oh.  Somehow, the air conditioning was on.

Could be my fat fingers, could be sloppy button pushing…

But after going through that drill one morning, a couple of days later, I was still trying to figure out why the car hadn’t heated up.  Then I remembered….

I’m pretty sure it’s the car’s fault.

Perhaps I should start taking Gingko again and beef up my memory box.  Now, where did I leave those?

Tim Hunter

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