Best Surprise Birthday Party Ever

The email came on Wednesday of this week.  It was from the fiancée of a guy at work, who had discovered that the invitation she had sent to me for his surprise birthday party had bounced back.  No wonder I hadn’t responded!  So, she apologized for the late notice, but this coming Saturday, she was throwing a surprise birthday party for him.

First off, I think the world of the guy.  Secondly, it was going to be a Salty’s on Alki, one of the marquis restaurants on the water in west Seattle, offering a skyline view of the Emerald City from across the water.

We had plans already that weekend up on Whidbey Island.  Friends had invited us to spend the night at their waterfront home.  But they were going to the Husky game and wouldn’t be home until after midnight anyway.  So, we decided to pack the weekend a little tighter than we like to, and be sure to be there for Jerry’s big night.

We fought the Husky game traffic and made it to the restaurant with seconds to spare before the guests of honor were scheduled to arrive.  With a sigh of relief, we made it before the big moment and actually, they were running a tad behind.  Perfect.

Then, the announcement that they were on their way.  Everyone to a table and sit down.  We waited in our ready-to-yell-“Surprise” positions as we heard the next update–“They’re here!”   We braced ourselves…..cameras poised……the doors opened….and we all yelled “Surprise!”   Jerry was pretty dressed up.  More so than usual…and Gail, his fiancee, looked fantastic!

It was then that the DJ for the night made the announcement:  Ladies and gentlemen, actually, the surprise is on you!  Welcome to Gail and Jerry’s wedding!”

The crowd wrestled with what they just heard.  “Wedding? But……OHHHHHHHHHH!”   We realized that WE had been had.  What a great way to shock the heck out of your family and friends.  There were a few in on it, but most were in shock.

Friends and family had come from all over for this “birthday party.”  We found out that Gail & Jerry had been plotting this thing since April.  The ceremony was concise and heartfelt, friends toasted the new couple and a very fun time was had by all.

As for the couple, it’s really a great story of two people who somehow found each other in this world and neither of them was looking.  But when you have something this special, it deserves a very special wedding.  And that’s what my wife, Victoria, and I were honored to experience on Saturday.

Easily, the best surprise birthday party I’ve ever attended.   The couple thanked their friends and family for being there for their big night.  Being invited to this special night was one of the highest honors I’ve ever received.

Congrats, you two!

Tim Hunter

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