OK, NOW I’m a Fan of Fandango

I always understood how it worked.  You go to the website called Fandango, find the movie you want and then buy your tickets on your computer, print them out and you’re set!

But having a pre-existing issue with the price of movies these days, tagging on an extra buck for that convenience seemed a bit ridiculous.

However, this weekend, I became a believer.

We actually tried to go see “Skyfall” with the in-laws on Friday night.   I heard the shows were all sold out because I never got near the box office.  I drove around in the under-cover garage AND the outside parking area without a single space open.  We decided to bag it and try again another night.

This time, it was a Saturday night and, instead of “Skyfall”, we were going for the final Twilight movie.  I had already read we were on track for a record weekend at the movies.  So, we decided to go the Fandango route, bite the bullet, pay the extra buck and have our tickets in hand, so that finding a parking place would be the only challenge.  However, there was a new innovation–no printing required.  Now, they can just send the confirmation phone to your Smartphone at the theater and you’re in.

It sounded too good to be true.  But, we went….found a spot fairly quickly…..walked up and passed  30 people in line at the ticket counter and another two dozen at the automated machine.  We strolled up to the entrance, walked in, showed my phone, the guy scanned the code and in we went.  That was it.

I may not go that route on the less crowded weekends, but if you ever decide to shoot for a movie in prime time. go Fandango.  It’s a no-brainer.

Tim Hunter

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