Twilight Fever

Yep, this the week that Bella, Jacob and Edward make their big return and, like vampires, suck the money out of my wallet.

I’m actually quite entertained by all this. The crazed fans, the “Who’s team are you on?” stuff (Jim Nabors asked me that question once, but that’s an entirely different story)  It’s fun to watch it all happen, as an outsider, an observer.

I’ve noticed that with each movie more successful than the previous one, that allows the budget to increase and turn into better effects.  I’m excited that the town of Forks will be able to enjoy tourism dollars for years to come.  This week, we get to experience “Eclipse”.  I haven’t read the books, but I’m guessing it  has to do with either a moon or sun that’s blocked out.

Of course, I think of silly things like “Fangs for the memories” or the one vampire telling the other vampire that the woman just wasn’t his (blood) type. Then I think of possible future movie titles, like”Twi Hard”.  “Twi Hard with a Vengeance”, or even “The Vampire Strikes Back”.  OK,, enough. We’re watching “New Moon” again tonight to help me get back up to speed before taking in “Eclipse” this weekend.   Gotta get back and take notes.

Team Hunter

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