I’ve got everything I need…except sleep

Yeah, if sleep was money, I’d be standing next to a freeway offramp.

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably spend most of my time on this earth sleep deprived and by choice.  I know the body needs it, but I have always had this overwhelming feeling that I have so many things to do and if I sleep, well, that’s just wasted time.

Oh, I’ve been taught many lessons over time about the importance of sleep. The one that came to mind today was when I was heading home from work and stopped at a bank to make a deposit. I went through the drive-through window, got my receipt back and drove off.  Problem was, I just tossed the plastic tube the teller was using in the seat next to me.

I got home, took my nap and when I woke up two hours later, the bank had left four messages on our answering machine, desperately wanting their tube back.  Because they didn’t have a spare, they had to close that drive-through window until I returned it.

Sleep is good for you.  Working on mattress accounts, I’ve heard just about every sleep stat imaginable.  Back during the radio days, I was getting up at 2:20am.  These days, I’m up at 4…so I AM making progress.

Doing the math, I should be up to my 8 hours by 2037.  I can hardly wait.
Tim Hunter

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