I’m Not Making This Up

Once each month, my wife and I join volunteers down at Bergen Place Park in Ballard and do some tidying up.  Just a little sprucing up of the park, community-minded, etc.

So, this past week, while sweeping away, a couple of elderly women came up and asked if I knew where Half Ballard Avenue was.  Half Ballard? No.  Ballard Avenue, yes, but Half Ballard?  I figured it was some local lingo that my wife might know, since she grew up here.  So, I pointed at her and said, “Victoria might know.”

I returned to my sweeping when I realized something important.  So, I walked over to the three as they talked and said, “Hey, I just remembered it’s 2  013!  We can use my phone.”  They apparently had already whipped out an iPad and were trying to find Half Ballard Avenue, with no luck.  Victoria asked them for the actual address and that’s when it all became clear.  The consignment shop they were looking for was at 5348-1/2 Ballard Avenue…….NOT 5348 Half Ballard Avenue.

Mystery solved.  Not sure that solved all of their problems, but it headed them in the right direction.

Tim Hunter

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