We Were All Meant to be Free

I just saw the movie, “Lincoln.”   You can go ahead and mail the Best Actor Oscar award to Daniel Day-Lewis.

But what made it even sweeter was that it didn’t cost me a thing.

We go to a nearby Regal Theater whenever we decide to take in a movie and even became Regal members, so that every time we go to a movie there, we earn points.  A free soft drink here, a small popcorn there and after a while, a free movie.

When we arrived today, we had already racked up enough points for one free ticket.  Then, during a recent office event, I won another free movie ticket!  In other words, when Victoria and I went to see “Lincoln” today, we didn’t have to pay a thing!  Not a single piece of copper with his picture on it.

I just found it incredibly ironic that we sat in a theater, watching “Lincoln” at absolutely no cost.  After all, he wanted everyone to be free.

Tim Hunter

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