Round And Round We Go!

 This is a fairly brief rant, based on an observation.  One of the clients I work with is Car Toys, a company that offers car audio gear and all the toys that come along with it,along with cell phones.  So, part of the things my brain is filled up with consist of which phones are hot, how they’re different, how you use them, etc.

The other day, while in phone mode, I realized a very powerful truth. 

Once upon a time, we wrote letter.  However, there was a long gap between creating the message and then having it read.  Then some guy came along and created the telephone—a remarkable device that allowed us to deliver our messages and get responses immediately!

In time, we cut the wires and enjoyed being able to walk around the house while talking.  Then, the cell phone arrived and suddenly, we could make those calls while driving around or being miles away from our home.

But then people started to shy away from having to get caught on a long-winded conversation.  They had other things to do and so texting was born.  Instead of calling someone, we simply tap out a short message on the phone and hit send.  Finally, the last step came along—voice activated texting, which allows you to say what you want to write, then send it to a person and await your response.

So, to summarize—we went from writing, to voice, to writing, to writing with our voice.

Of course, logically, the next step should be obvious: soon, we’ll all be going back to letters and start all over again.

 Tim Hunter

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