It’s sad.

May 1st is a day that’s supposed to be about leaving flowers on someone’s porch.  It’s also been designated by labor forces around the world to put the spotlight on workers’ rights. 

Now, it’s a day some folks set aside each year to try and get away with anarchy.

These half-minded morons, perhaps, were bottle fed.  They were picked last in school for kickball.  There must be some good, deep-rooted problem that causes them to put on grubby clothes, wear bandanas over their faces so they aren’t recognized and smash store windows for ‘their cause.’

But wait—those stores, where they’re smashing windows—you know who’s inside? Yep.  Workers.  Employees of a company  that will have to replace tens of thousands of dollars worth of windows.  Now, they won’t have to pay for all of them because they were probably insured.  However, because Seattle has become a hot spot for legalized rioting, those insurance rates will probably go up and just like shoplifters who think they’re sticking it to the store owner, the cost is just passed along to—you guessed it—the workers.  Not to mention any losses they’ll incur because another mental-midget zombie decided to break out car windows to support workers.  The people with the broken windows will have to go to their insurance and, after paying the deductible, get them replaced.

You see, oh, tater-tots-for-brains, rioting and breaking things actually harms not only workers, but your cause. 

In fact, there are some of us who wouldn’t mind paying a pepper-spray tax, to make sure that our police department is amply armed for the next time you decide to take the high moral ground of supporter workers rights.

Oh and by the way, as you stand there cursing and yelling out rhyming slogans, protesting big corporations, you probably shouldn’t be wearing those trendy logos on your clothes or holding up your iPhone to capture video.

It’s what they call a “contradiction.”  Big word, yeah, I know.  You can look it up in the dictionary.  Oh. Too many syllables?  The ‘word book’ with the name Webster on it.

By the way, you and your buddies may view yourself as rebels and revolutionaries, but let me sum up what you really are in just one word: pathetic.

Tim Hunter

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