Yeah, One More Julio

OK, I’m still plucking memories off of old radio station carts that I thought would be lost forever and, frankly, I’m getting a kick out of them.

Last week, I gave you the story behind Julio, the world’s biggest Seahawks fan and how each week, he would leave a cassette for us on the radio station front porch for us to play.  Man, I don’t know what I was smoking this particular week.  All I know is the Seahawks weren’t selling tickets and back in the day, no ticket sales, no games on local TV.  There were blackout zones, so if you drove far enough, you could watch them play.

I took that dilemma and drifted away from a typical “How ’bout dem Hawks” to this rather bizarre rendition.  Quite a few “off” notes and little weak in the middle, but a strong finish.

Enjoy this one from November of 1995.

And “How ’bout dem Hawks!”

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “Yeah, One More Julio

  1. This is weird but my husband and I were just talking about Julio and how much we missed him in the morning. Can’t tell you how many times I spit toothpaste all over the mirror listening to the insane things you would come up with. Really miss you on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!


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