When I Was Julio

Years ago, I was on a morning radio show in Seattle.

It was in the early years of the Murdock, Hunter and Alice Show.  In fact, at the time, it was Murdock & Hunter.  Alice Porter and Dave Sloan did news and traffic and we did our stuff.  Chris Mays was our program director at the time and she gave me a spare album by a guy named Matt Bianco.

On the album was a song called “Yeah Yeah” which seemed ripe for the borrowing.  So, I created a music bed out of it and steered my voice towards a guy named Julius who had been our supervisor at the United Airlines flight kitchen during my summers in college.  He had that high-pitched, mono-tone style….but I gave him energy….and instead of Julius….something more Latin, like Julio.

Then along came a program director named Bobby Irwin.  By then, I had already done several renditions of a Go-Seahawks song called “How ’bout dem Hawks!” and Bobby suggested we build out the character.  We introduced Julio to the audience as a karaoke singer who was a regular at the White Shudders Inn down in Burien.  Every week, he’d leave a cassette (that shows how long ago it was) on our front porch (as if we had a porch) with a song specifically written for the upcoming game.  Each song became a time capsule of what was in the news that week, what topics were hot, which holidays were coming up, etc.

Thanks to radio buddy Mike West, I was able to use his cart machine from days gone by to rescue this song off of a cart I’ve had in the basement for years.  This particular song was done before an Arizona game….when Rick Mirer was trying to be our quarterback and right before Halloween.  I don’t know what I was smoking or drinking or both when I wrote this, but hang on  for a wild ride.  Enjoy this episode of “How ’bout dem Hawks!”

Sit down first and then click here

Fun little ride, isn’t it?

Tim Hunter

One thought on “When I Was Julio

  1. ThanksTim!

    I was explaining about Murdock & Hunter, my pride at stumping the Movie Meister, and Fridays with Julio to my husband and a friend – and was thrilled to find an example of Julio’s Friday Fare to share with them. So thrilled to find this here! 🙂


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