The Evolution of Me

You write a blog, you put down your thoughts and that’s all there is to it.  What you think, exposed to the world: right or wrong, true or misguided, it just doesn’t matter.  It’s the truth as you see it, as you interpret all the things that have flown past you as you compile your opinions.

The sad thing about American politics is the polarization.  You can’t have a differing opinion than the person you’re talking with or you’re either a “conservative whack job” or a “bleeding heart tax & spend liberal”.

I am neither.  I like to hear both sides, I like to try and understand both points of view and then vote accordingly.  So many people view their politics as “steak or seafood”.  They’re sitting there in the restaurant and even though the waiter just said “I’m sorry, the beef is rancid but the seafood just arrived here 2-minutes ago” they’ll choose beef, because that’s what they believe is the right answer.

I was listening to those nut-jobs Ron & Don on the way home tonight on KIRO, and they played a clip of Ron Paul from last night’s Republican debate.  First off, if you don’t know who Ron Paul is, he’s the idealist candidate who appears to have a few screws loose, but that would probably actually make a really good thinking president.  As you’re aware, Americans aren’t big on those.

The question was put to him, “If a guy didn’t buy health care insurance, then came down with a terrible something that required six months of medical care, what do you do?”  Ron’s response was non-commital, but what he believes in is minimal government.  The announcer said, “So, what is society’s obligation?  Save him?”

And then, as Ron gave his answer, it struck me.  He may be on to something.  He said there used to be a time when the churches would take care of him and that’s the idea.  Yeah, churches don’t get the PC stamp of approval these days, but go back to the moderator’s question: Does society have an obligation to save the guy?  All of us being caring, loving individuals, the answer is “yes”.  That’s when the great truth dawned on me.

The government is NOT society.  Government doesn’t listen to Lady Gaga’s latest song or wonder how “Two and a Half Men” is going to do without Charlie Sheen.  That is US!  We are society.  Government is that thing we do to pool our resources to protect us, give us roads and clean drinking water….you know, the basics.  The extras have been piled on by those who believe government should do everything in our lives and I’ve got to agree with the Tea Party wacko’s on this one: government does NOT need to be our brains.  There are some things it should be involved in–laws that protect others from harming us–but the rest?  C’mon folks, we’re adults here.  You can think for yourself, right?  You’ve made some big decisions, like which car to buy, where you’re going to live, do you keep the job you’ve got or look for a new one–that’s being free and able to make your own decisions.

If I decide to walk out on to the freeway during rush hour, I’m an idiot and someone will probably run me over.  I know that’s a bad idea, so I don’t do it.  If I opt to NOT get insurance, I sure as hell don’t expect the government to bail me out.  They’ve done too much bailing out to begin with.

The bottom line: there are common sense rules at play here, and in most situations.  Try to removed the partisan emotions and rhetoric you’ve been raised with and think for yourself.

We’ve got lots of time for you to consider the options. If you’ve got the country you’ve always dreamed about, keep it as is.  If you’re itching for a change, do the home work.  Figure out who works and who doesn’t for you.

There IS a difference between society and the government.  Society will do just fine by itself.  But about that government…

That is up to you.

Tim Hunter

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