It Was A Time Warp

Good family friends had a daughter getting married. A daughter I’ve met a couple of times, but didn’t really know very well.

What I did know of her was that she was a free spirit, had gone to Evergreen State College, rode her bicycle a lot, had spent some time in Turkey and was in a band. Pretty wild assortment, huh?

To no one’s surprise, her wedding was eclectic as her life.

Marit and Grant were married at Norway Park, a private campground and recreation area for members of the Sons of Norway. They have a recreation building with a kitchen and, because of the possibility of rain, the two exchanged vows inside, with a ceremony led by a former professor of both the bride and groom.

The crowd consisted of his family from Montana and New  York, as well as her family and friends from Illinois, Seattle, Portland and other spots in the northwest. After the two exchanged their original vows and the pronouncement was made, that’s where it got interesting. The DJ for the reception walked in, carrying two turntables and stacks of albums. Yes, records. I flashed back to my KQOT and KMWX days in Yakima, when I did high school dances and wedding receptions with the same gear. I just had to take a picture of this setup, because I earned extra bucks that way for several years.

There was Turkish music, an uncle who brought out his accordion and led the group in the Chicken Dance and some polkas, members of the Norwegian Ladies Chorus teamed up for a Norwegian wedding march—but the biggest surprise was the music selection.
A lot of the songs were the same ones I played in the 70s, along with some 80s and 90s that were probably hits before the bride was born!  Hall & Oates, Milli Vanilli, some real throwbacks.

In the end, everyone got up and danced.  The bride and groom invited everyone to take home a bottle of private brew that the bride, her mom and a friend had made and everyone had a tremendous time.

Going in, I had no idea.  Coming out, I was exhausted from more dancing that this old body is used to.  Congrats to Marit & Grant, two kids heading off on their life adventure together and if the reception is any indication of how much fun’s ahead, hang on!

Tim Hunter

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