The South Dakota Life

One of the big guys here at work just returned from a family vacation to South Dakota.

No, it wasn’t court-ordered.

Actually, I’m probably the one guy here at work to talk with him about his trip as I have done quite a few in my lifetime, both as a kid and as an adult.

Being my mom’s home state, every couple of years or so, the kids would all be piled in a car and we’d make the long trek from California…or, hope a jet and fly back to Omaha, Nebraska and drive a rental car north….or do the same thing, but drive from Minneapolis.

It’s a shame kids couldn’t rack up air miles.  But then again, back then, air miles hadn’t been invented yet.

What is it about South Dakota that I enjoy so much?  It’s many things.  The relatives I haven’t seen for year, the food, the open space, the skies, the farms, the friendly folks, the completely different lifestyle.  I can get a good luck at a simpler life that I feel I should be living or some day will.

We were talking about the South Dakota life and what makes it so amazing and a story came to mind.  Think of how this could ever happen around here.  I had flown back to Minneapolis with my folks and sister Debbie four years ago.  We were in the thriving metropolis of Aberdeen, South Dakota in early October, when we decided to go downtown and check out the stores.  At one of the stores, someone mentioned the museum at the fairgrounds.  The state fairgrounds were all locked up for the winter.  I said, “We’ll have to catch that some time” and someone responded, “Oh, just go over to the barbershop and ask for the keys.”

So that’s what we did.  Imagine walking into a barbershop, asking for the keys to the fairgrounds and giving them to someone you don’t even know…just taking them on their word they’re who they are and related to one of the people in town.

Just one of the many feel good stories I have about taking a trip back in time during my visits to South Dakota.  Gotta make one of those happen soon…

Tim Hunter

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