Grab your dobber!

I helped host the first-ever Leif Erikson Lodge Spaghetti Feed and Bingo night last night and it was a huge success.

For most of us.

Having only brief experience in the world of Bingo players, I remembered that there was a certain type of player that seems to pop up at every Bingo gathering.  This stereotype is unhappy about life and uses Bingo as a platform to criticize, complain and make a degrading comment at every available opportunity.  The whole family was there last night

I’m sure that (well, not COMPLETELY sure) outside of the Bingo world, these are loving people who don’t eat their young.  A reminder that our Bingo event was just for fun, a way to invite the community to the lodge, make a little money and donate a chunk of that to the Ballard food bank.

Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed like a real Bingo game if this family wasn’t here to say things all night long like, “Well, I’ve played Bingo all my life and I’ve never __________”, or “You know, the Washington State Gambling Commission says…”, “Too fast”, “This is pointless”, “What a dumb game”, “Pick it up.  Too slow”, etc.

Maybe it’s the years of radio and working with the public that trains me to let things like this generally roll off my back, but it’s the hard-working collection of people who did everything they could to make this a fun evening….THEY’RE the ones that don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

But somehow we survived the evening.  I had more than one person come up afterward and tell me how much fun they had.  As for the Whiner family, they left right after the last number was called, looking as unhappy as they came in.  My guess is they were heading home for a quick snack before bed.  The only decision to make: which one of their young they would eat.
Tim Hunter

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