Sometimes They Grow Up

Yep, they don't stay puppies forever....

This Saturday is my youngest child’s birthday.
For a long time, I always felt the oldest child made the parent feel older (sorry Christina, but I felt I aged my parents rather rapidly). But now I’m convinced it’s the youngest that makes you realize just how fast time has gone by.
Yep, I used to hear my daughter’s latest age and think, “I remember when I was that age. Doesn’t seem like it was that long ago.”
But now the baby of the family is half-way through his 20s. That really is an exciting decade–you launch out of school, head into a field, start to make long-term plans for the first time–so much happens during your 20s.
But now, my youngest is at the half-way point…which, of course, makes me think, “Gee, if he’s THAT old, I must be….naw!”
But it’s true.
However, I count myself extremely blessed to be able to look at those two ever-aging children, to see that they’re on a great life path and that I’m around to see it. Of course, I’ve managed to not age a single day since those times I coached their Little League or soccer teams. Yep, don’t know how I do it.
Saturday, my youngest child turns 25. The little blond-headed kid in pre-school, the lanky kid in the basketball jersey, the one I went salmon fishing with in Sitka during his teen years…that KID will be 25. Last Sunday, Ty along with my stepson Nick and his cousin Marcus all terrorized the Interbay Golf Course for 9 holes. It’s the kind of fun you hoped you’d have together with your kids when they eventually grow up.  And sometimes, they do….
While it’s not the same kind of  fun you had when they were little–and, as a parent, you have to quietly admit to yourself that you DO miss that time of your life– it’s still an incredibly awesome adventure.

Tim Hunter

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