Now THAT’S a Monday!

So, it’s vacation time! And here I sit at the airport.
Oh, sure, I got up at 3:30 to have plenty of time. Wrote show prep for a while, then with SeaTac’s free wifi, I thought I’d finish it up there. Showered and was out the door at 5:23. Got to the Parking Lot at 5:50. Just missed their shuttle…so waited….and waited and waited.
They got me to the airport at 6:32. The folks at Virgin Airline’s baggage check said it was too late to check it in for the flight, I would have to take it. But of course, taking it through security meant that all the liquids that I normally sent through in checked luggage set off all kinds of alarms and lectures about how I shouldn’t bring this through carry-on. I KNEW THAT! I HADN’T PLANNED TO CARRY IT ON AND…
(Insert deep breaths here)
All of these combined to result in my arriving at the gate at 7:01 am.
As I sat there, looking at my jet backing out, I didn’t know who to be mad at. So, I just kept it all inside and pondered it in my ulcer.
And so, folks, here I sit at gate A6. it’s officially a Monday. Next flight at 10:40am. Wish me luck.

Tim Hunter

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