David Archuleta Was Here!

And that’s where I was last night. Oh, sure…many of my bretheran were sitting in front of their TV’s watching baseball’s All-Star game, but that’s why God invented DVR’s, right?
My wife Victoria got all excited when she first heard the American Idol runnerup to David Cook was going to be in town, so I thought it would be the perfect birthday gift. And it was!
But David was the opening act to a Disney artist, Demi Lovato. His name didn’t even appear on the ticket.
Yet, the sea of teen girls with braces and parent chaperones seemed to be more excited about David than the main act. To be honest, we didn’t stay for Demi. David delivered a nice set of songs, most from his debut album, and a nice version of “Apologize” that he performed during his “American Idol” days.
And another thing–this was my FIRST concert at the “Washington Mutual Theater” (isn’t that due for a name change) and I was impressed. Yes, it’s the same massive hall where I’ve attended a boat show or two. But you drop some big sound-controlling curtains, put up a decent-size stage and risers for the audience and you have a pretty nice concert facility. The acoustics were really good. All in all, a fun night–the American League won, I got to watch the highlights on DVR and, oh yeah, the David Archuleta concert was really good and Victoria loved her birthday present.

David Archuleta kept screaming teen girls off their cell phones for almost the entire set!

David Archuleta kept screaming teen girls off their cell phones for almost the entire set!

Tim Hunter

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