A Monday

Got up this morning at 4am to begin a fresh week and ran smack dab into a non-functioning wireless router. Walked by the sink in the guest bathroom and heard water running. The washer had worn out. Projects were attempting to ruin my day (if you CAN ruin a Monday).
But it’s the Opening Day of baseball for the Mariners. The College Basketball Championships are tonight, followed by a new “House” and “24”….I’m having pizza for dinner and it’s going to be in the 70s here!
When things go wrong around me, usually an old joke comes to mind. This morning when I was surrounded by broken things, I remembered the story of the guy who reached over to grab his cup of coffee and the handle broke off. He got to his car, grabbed the handle and it broke off. Understandably he’s now afraid to go to the bathroom.

Seriously, have a great day.

Tim Hunter

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