We’re so smart

I hate to break out into a superiority dance, but dang…what an amazingly beautiful day today.
The thermometers at the banks read 73, I believed 68. C’mon, if the banks are going to lie about the balance in my checking account, why wouldn’t they fib about the temperature?
My lovely bride and I cruised through Carkeek Park today and OH MY GOD! The place was packed, families everywhere enjoying fun in the sun, picnics, frisbees flying everywhere, dogs…all with the Olympic Mountains bordering the view of the Puget Sound. And that was just from our car.
We’re the first to complain when the string of gray days takes it’s mental toll, but we come roaring back when you get a sun-drenched day like today.
It’s nice when the the day matches its name. But it makes me wonder–if we have a SUNday, why not a GRAYday for the other days of the week?
See what the good weather does to people?

Tim Hunter

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