For those not raised on Warner Brothers cartoons, let’s get you caught up to speed

Which way do I go, George….

You see, when you’re a kid and you hear that phrase a million times while watching cartoons, it becomes your default phrase when you’re not sure which direction you should head.

Each week, I like to crawl into this little corner of the Internet and express my top feeling, the thing that’s most on my mind.  Throw your phone into the washing machine and, yeah, that tends to dominate your brain. But since last week’s adventure, I’ve had the opportunity to be more aware of the rest of the world and there are just so many directions I could go, George.

So, instead of elaborating on one particular subject, I’m going to give you some fast thoughts on the headlines that have grabbed my attention:

DYING ROCK STARS–How do you ignore that?  Especially when the people in question are in the same decade as myself?  OK, I most likely wasn’t into the drug scene and wild parties as David Bowie, Glenn Frey and the drummers of all those other bands.  As I look back on that debauchery I missed out on, it probably gives me a pass to the next decade.

THE DEBATES–I keep trying to watch, make it about 10-minutes and then get depressed.  I’ve long criticized the presidential race as choosing between the lesser of the two evils, but it’s somehow gotten worse. Rather than focusing on who I’d like to vote for, I’m trying to see who I can talk myself into.

THE SEAHAWKS–That hurt. I haven’t been depressed about the loss of a game that much since the 1995 Mariners had their run end. What I take solace in is that the Seahawks will be back. They’ll look at what didn’t work this year (yeah, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to have the offensive line jump to the front), figure out who they can keep and who has to go, and they’ll give us another team that just might go all the way.

THE STOCK MARKET–Talk about your doom & gloom. I thought the economy was doing alright?  At least, that’s what we were being told. And how in the hell is gasoline heading to less than $1 a gallon bad news for our economy?  Yes, the greedy bastards that cashed in when it was almost $4 a gallon have to lose some money, but with proper planning, they could have easily stashed some money aside for this “rainy day.”   Besides, do you really think it’s going to stay that low?

By the time I click “publish” there will no doubt be another topic or two I could have tackled.  We’ll see who rises to the top next week.  But for now, you have my two-cents on what’s been going on lately.

I could have probably run with the DYING ROCK STARS topic, but I can’t even partially imagine that being anything more than a “the end is near” ramble. Glenn Frey had impact because, yes, he was there during the second 2/3’s of my life on this earth. Starting out with Pure Prairie League, his work with The Eagles and his solo efforts.

The second my sister Debbie let me know that he had passed (by the way, she caught the Eagles twice live in concert in recent years) the first place I went was the closest I ever came to Mr. Frey.  I was at Disneyland with Murdock, Hunter & Alice.  Glenn was doing a concert in the next couple of hours and was in the middle of a sound check in the Tomorrowland Plaza.  He was not happy, and was threatening not to do the concert if the sound issues continued.  I got to hear his voice, complaining. That was as close as I got.

I can say that, with the recent passing of notables and some older friends I’ve made in recent years, this little gift we have is something not to be overlooked.  If you’re not doing what you really like to do–change it. If you’re not happy, don’t just wait to be happy–BE happy.

I had a great chat with my long-time friend Bryon Mengle this past week. You can catch it on my podcast here.  That’s what I love.  Connecting with people, enjoying the times we shared and looking forward to more of the same in the future.

Like having you stop by to read this blog.  Thanks!  And see you next week.

Tim Hunter

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