I’ve Gone Gold

I remember, a while back when my wife Victoria told me she had gone gold. I said, “Huh?”  Apparently, when you use a Starbucks card all the time instead of debiting or cash, then you rack up points…and when you get enough, they mail you a gold card to use and you enjoy benefits like 50-cents off every drink.

OK, that’s nice.

I mean, Victoria is a serious Starbucks customer.  Why do I say that?  The other day, she pulled up for her morning Americano and the person at the drive-through window handed her a card….a Christmas card, signed by the gang at Starbucks, thanking her for being such a good customer.  Name, handwritten on the outside, the works.

I’ll admit, I get into a Starbucks once or twice a week.  Nothing fancy, occasionally just a drip…but apparently that’s enough to make you gold, eventually.  I got the notice in an email today, the gold card will take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  But then I’ll be a fully vested member of the Seattle over-caffeinated club.

No foam.

Tim Hunter


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