The Life of an Aquarium Fish

There are times when the days here at work just blur.  Meetings roll into phone calls then checking emails to take another call, to….well, you get the idea.

It’s easy to get stressed…or not.  Stress is that thing we do to ourselves, that we know is not good for us, yet we train ourselves over the years to make it the first place we go.  I’d like to think I’ve learned to control it–not necessarily avoid it, but control it.  That’s part of the “being busy” high.

But then I look over at the southwest corner of my desk and there swims Fred.  Fred is a beta fish, the second resident since I put the tank in my office.  He just goes about his business, swimming around, looking at the bubbles from the pump, never in a hurry ’cause there’s no place to go.

There are times I envy that life.  Just being, not making plans, the only concern I’d have is if the Bozo sitting at the desk is going to remember to feed me.  Today, I forgot about it until 10am or so.  Fred may have been trying to get my attention, but I was pretty busy.  Then, for a moment, I thought how great would it be if fish could bark!  It would help out with the feeding duties.

Fred’s looking over this way, so just a moment…..

Anyway, he inspired one of the Top Five lists I put together each day for Radio Online, a show prep service I write for every morning.  I’m sure there were a lot more things I could have come up with, but these seemed to hit the target on the head.  I hope you enjoy them and may you always be fed on time.


  1. Do you think there could really be a cod?
  2. I can’t hold it much longer. Anyone seen a restroom?
  3. Does it smell fishy in here?
  4. Hey, those are filter bubbles. Don’t blame me!
  5. Do you have something, ANYTHING, other than those flakes to eat?

Next time you’re in my neck of the woods, stop by and say hi to Fred. He’s the guy on lap #3,331 in the pool.

Tim Hunter

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