The Lollipop Guild

So, I was the emcee for my niece’s wedding on Saturday. Brandi and Cory got married at a place out in the farmlands of Snohomish. What an incredible setting!
So it came time to do the toasts and after the Matron of Honor and the Best Man gave their speeches, I opened it up to anyone else at the wedding. That’s when a bridesmaid named Toby came up to give her speech. Toby clocked in at 5-foot plus less than an inch, so when she walked up, I lowered the microphone. Right before she gave her speech, I started singing, “We represent the loolipop guild, the lollipop guild, the lollipop guild…..”
Of course, it got a huge laugh, followed by a groan.
Later that evening, I saw Toby and checked to make sure that I hadn’t offended her. That’s when she let me know that her grandfather was actually one of the voices of the lollipop guild members in the movie, “The Wizards of Oz”.
Now THAT’s an amazing coincidence.
Of course, I planned it that way.

Here's a picture of Toby & me

Here's a picture of Toby & me

Here’s the bio on her grandfather:

Tim Hunter

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