It’s the little things

It’s so easy to focus on the big things!
They’re the ones that we think will define our lives, that will ultimately decide if we’re going to make our mark in this world or just pass through.
Back in my radio days, I was constantly reminded that when all is said and done, little things meant a lot to people. When we would go out and meet listeners to promote the radio station, they would cite a funny story that happened to me or that my kids went to school with their kids, etc. I would have LOVED them to see me and have one of my one-liners come to mind, or how they were impressed with one of the major promotions the radio station did.
Nope. In their existence, I had shown up in their radio and said some little thing that connected me to their world. That made me one of them and a real person.
This morning, as my wife and I left for work at the same time, we both headed out the door and then stopped there to look at each other and laugh and connect. Her eyes looking at me and no one else. Her busy, easily distracted mind in the present moment: both of us getting ready to head our separate ways into our different working worlds. But for probably no longer than a little more than a minute, it was just us.
Nothing spectacular happened, no meteors screaming through the sky. Just us, in front of our project-filled home.
And it’s THAT incident I’ll take with me throughout the day, anxious to get together with her again, so I can enjoy more of those little things.
They’re out there! The trick is recognizing them and taking the time to appreciate them.

Tim Hunter

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