Field of Socks

My weekly blog routine is to just relax, think about what’s been taking up all that space in my head lately, and write about it. Or, if I’ve just an experience and perhaps the public could benefit from what I went through, I’ll lay out the lesson.

And while there were several worthy candidates for a blog topic this week, I’ve gotta talk about my experience at Funko Field, where the Everett AquaSox play their Single-A Minor League Baseball games. This past Sunday, in honor of KRKO’s 100th birthday, we were able to take 100 KRKO listeners to the game and I was invited to throw out the first pitch.

Truth be told, this was the third time I got near that mound to do the ceremonial toss. I believe the first time, it was when they were the Everett Giants. Maybe both of the first times they were the Giants. After all, that was back in the Murdock, Hunter & Alice days and that’s closing in on being 20 years ago.

Being a life-long baseball fan, I was excited to receive this honor. I talked a lot about it on the air, making jokes about how it should be “Helmet Night”, or if you want to be in the safest part of the stadium when I throw, stand on home plate.

I could detail everything here, or if you click here, you can listen to some “Home Movies” that I produced for my morning show on KRKO.

I also tossed together this little video of my experience. The most amazing part you’ll see is the incredible timing of the girl that walked in front of the camera just as I was throwing.

What a special moment.

And as we flip the calendar to September and the night-time air signals that fall is right around the corner, I just want to thank everyone who made that special afternoon with the AquaSox happen.

P.A. announcer (and KRKO’s) Tom Lafferty got his digs in, AquaSox roving reporter (and also KRKO’s) Steve Willits interviewed me before my toss and also had me lead the 7th inning stretch singing of “Take me out to the ballgame.”

I gotta say, as a baseball fan, this was pretty much heaven. Not Iowa-style, but at a minor league game in Everett, Washington one summer Sunday afternoon.

My own Field of Sox.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Field of Socks

  1. Tim, you are my idol. My magic moment was throwing the first ball at the 50th year anniversary of the little league I played in… my hook was bring my friend, Bobby Grich, with me. Ain’t baseball great…


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