OK, one more collection of thoughts from my 3-state adventure last weekend, that took me from the Land of Lincoln, through Indiana, over to Michigan and back.

I was entertained by the signs we saw during our 10 hours in the car.

However, I couldn’t resist starting our trip with a few questions about the obvious. When we were in Chicago, that big lake where the city is located–why isn’t it Lake Illinois? Nope. Chicago is on Lake Michigan. I asked if there was a Lake Chicago in Michigan. Kristi told me, “No. But there’s a Michigan City in Indiana!” Of course there was.

I feel like they’re just doing this to tick me off.

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d offer a collection of the signs that caught my eyes during our condensed weekend in the middle of the country.

Yes, Eminem’s street.
I don’t mean to be critical, but that’s not how you spell romance.
Yes, Battle Creek, where Kellogg’s is headquartered.

Of course, when we arrived to the scene of the crime, they had to make sure we knew their slogan: “Pure Michigan.”

I’m thinking a Husky snuck on board this bus to change this sign.

If only he could have gotten to the team.

And a sign I was SO glad to see. I didn’t even know that Bob’s Big Boy Restaurants were even still around.

Hello, Big Boy!

Well, maybe not exactly THAT building. This could be where they make that other Pfizer product you’re familiar with.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Plus, it helps me remember if I write it down.

Tim Hunter

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