Hate in America

I’m down in Southern California and currently staying outside the Los Angeles area, enjoying the cool ocean air, a high of 72-ish, and just a perfect, beautiful, relaxing setting.

The calm before the dark cloud

This morning, my wife and her cousin were sitting out on the cousin’s front porch, sipping on coffee and enjoying the quiet of the morning. The cousin and her husband recently returned to living in their house after doing something really adventurous–renting out their home for the school year as they traveled and enjoyed the world.

Now they’re back living at their beautifully remodeled home. Returning to that scene at the front porch, one of their neighbors walked by on this gorgeous, sun-drenched morning as the two women chatted and yelled out, “You should put your flag back up!”

The cousin explained that they had been out of the country for a while and that the woman may have been confused with the neighbor next door, who flies an American flag.

“Oh, not the American flag. The TRUMP flag!”

The cousin responded, “Oh, that wasn’t us. But we can still be friends!”

As the woman walked away, she yelled back, “Not really. I don’t speak Chinese.”

Who knew that sheep could be so hateful? Wait a minute–I guess we already knew that! And I suppose we also now know she probably wasn’t vaccinated.

Another reminder that hate in America is alive & well. How sad is that?

Tim Hunter

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