Welcome to Nardoland

I was going to do another one of my introspective rambles that I seem to be attracted to lately. A thought or two dawns on me that brings the world into focus a little more and so I like to pass those things along. You can take them or leave them, but my hope is you’ll benefit somehow from them.

However, in spite of a very interest recent revelation, I’m going to bump that a week. Oh, I’ll get all philosophical in another 7 days or so, you’ll survive. This week, I have to share something I experienced over weekend. I lived in the Bothell area for 25+ years. I continue to be involved with the local business community, the city and the Chamber of Commerce. I’ve gotten to know lots of Bothell and Northshore folks along the way. But in all those years, I’d never even heard of Nardoland.

In my oblivious defense, Nardoland is actually not in Bothell. It’s technically in Snohomish. But last Saturday evening, when I arrived at my destination to auctioneer at the annual Bothell High School Boosters Auction, I was nothing less than stunned. The event was held at the private residence of a long-time Bothell High School fan and alum–a place known as Nardoland.

Basically, Nardoland is what Graceland would look like if Elvis was a member of the 1961 graduating class of Bothell High School. But in this case, our hunka hunka burnin’ Bothell Cougar is a guy named Ron Nardone. In the years since graduation, Ron has collected all things Bothell High school, from pictures, to awards, to giant logos, to an actual stuffed cougar.

See, I wasn’t kidding.

As you drive on to the property, there’s a building surrounded by memorabilia over there. Another one in the back of the property seemed like an old general store and next to it, the former scoreboard from the high school stadium, before their recent remodel. Ron somehow got ahold of that and each week after Bothell’s latest football game,  he puts the final score up there.

Ron generously donates use of his facility to the Boosters and what a gift! In years past, the group has had to pony up the fees for use of a country club or convention center. But for the past two years, the annual auction has taken place at Nardoland.

I spent my first hour at Nardoland walking around and trying to take it all in. I didn’t want to miss a thing. Besides the Bothell High memorabilia, there were all kinds of things from Bothell’s past. A McDonald’s Drive-Through sign, antique cars and classic school buses; it was like taking a stroll through a Bothell time capsule. Here are just a few of the pictures I snapped during the Happy hour Portion of the evening.

I was just filling in for my radio brother and auctioneer extraordinaire Ken Carson because of a scheduling conflict, so it was just pure luck that this was the year I got to step in. I had a ton of fun reconnecting with some former neighbors, seeing some old familiar Bothell faces and helping Coach Tom Bainter’s program raise the funds they need to enhance the players’ experience even more.

Add to that, Ron is the cousin of a friend from a long time ago and his wife, a Ballard High graduate, went to school with my wife’s cousin. Dang, we’re practically related!

It was a great evening and on top of all that–I got to go to Nardoland!

Here’s hoping that one day, I’ll return. God knows what Ron will have added by then.

Tim Hunter

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Nardoland

  1. Thank you Nr Nardone for preserving Both hell history. It makes me feel better with all the changes happening so quickly! I understand that you are adopting the Country Village rooster—I’m so glad!


  2. my wife and I live in New Jersey and by brother has a house in Seattle and Vachon Island. I am 65 and we saw a five minute piece on Mr. and Mrs. Nardo and the joy they bring to people. No reason to watch the news and get depreesed but this story is truly uplifting. I hope everybody out their realizes how lucky they are to be invited to one of their parties. If we ever get to visit my brothe (10 of our family were supposed to be visiting him this week) i will try hard to reach out. My grandkids would be in heaven. My father died at 89 and taught his 4 boys one thing, there are givers and takers in the world nothing in between, THE NARDOS ARE GIVERS. CHEERS


    • It’s a private residence, but I’m sure you could reach out to the Nardones and ask to stop by. I’m amazed how much attention this little write-up has gotten. THanks for asking.


  3. Good morning Tim. I know you wrote this article quite a while ago but I’m very interested in taking a group of automobile enthusiasts primarily Dodge Vipers and trying to hold a small get together maybe a dozen or 20 people at Nardoland. I’m thinking I would like to try to do this next spring when the weather obviously is much nicer but I’m having a little bit of an issue trying to contact the owner myself. I’ve watched the video several times and I’ve spent about 10 minutes on the internet but I can’t seem to find an email or phone number to contact the gentleman to ask about doing something like this. Would you be able to help me please? 253-778-3305 is my cell phone text or call me anytime or you can email me mrdiverdave@gmail.com.
    Thanks for your time and I hope this message reaches you.


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  6. Hi my name is Mike Millman, I am the Mayor of Woodinville and would like to speak to Mr Nardone about our 76 sign that will be coming down.

    I can be reached at 425 381-1882

    Thank you


    • Hi Tim.

      Congratulations on your trip there!

      I have tried unsuccessfully for a couple years to bring a collection of Dodge Vipers in the Northwest there to see the awesomeness.

      My friend Anthony Schmidt and his mom Ramona have gone there but it’s just not in the cards for me unfortunately. Glad to have read your article and seen the pictures.☺️

      Diver Dave Schneider


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