It’s Haggis Time!

So, I gotta start out the New Year right and even though we’ve already wandered into February, I thought I’d honor my Scottish ancestors by eating: a can of Haggis!

My wife Victoria gets full credit for putting this concoction into my possession.  Now I had heard that actual Haggis, made from sheep’s intestines, was not legal in this country, so I was ready to experience a close-but-not-quite-there replica of actual Haggis, since I doubt highly that my wife is a Haggis-smuggler.

So, I opened the can…..

Can of Haggis with the lid off

Scooped it into a bowl….

Seriously, I’m going to do this!

Popped it into a microwave for 4 minutes….

Doesn’t look much different

I went in and sat down in front of the TV and ate this while watching “Shutter Island”.   I wished I was on the island.

OK, TOO salty.  It tasted like a combination of a dried out casserole and Spam.  I know there were life-shortening ingredients in there, but I ate it none the less.  Well, most of it.

This is as far as I made it

After a while, all I could taste is the salt.  At one point, Lot’s wife walked up to me and said, “Are we related?”  OK, too Biblical.

Bottom line: I understand that, in tough times, when this is all you can get, you eat it.  I’m not there.  I can say I did it, but with a bad Scottish accent.

Tim Hunter

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