As Thankful As Can Be


Seriously, this is an amazing time in which we live.

For even just a couple of minutes, push aside the bile & poison that was our most recent presidential election, and look around you.

I do that and I see a week that includes a Sounders playoff game, a night where we’re going to catch “Fantastic Beasts…”, the annual Apple Cup game that means more than any in recent memory and of course, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Then, we’re into full-blown Holiday Season mode.

I write this with complete sincerity, but there is always a part of me that wonders if listing all the reasons you have to be grateful isn’t boastful. That is not my intent.  It’s my hope that you’ll look around and cherish all that surrounds you. No, life isn’t perfect. You don’t have to look far to find something to be upset about.

But life is about balance. If you allow too much of the dark in, it will consume you.  If you focus only on the good, then you could miss a wrong that needs to be fixed.

To the wonderful blend of friends and family that I have compiled over the years, I am blessed to have met you and known you. I give thanks to the Department of Life upstairs for all that I have and the acquaintances I have made, including you.

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with bounty and love and that you appreciate the many gifts around you.

Tim Hunter

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