61 And No Asterisk


Me & the bike-riding Norwegian

            Me & the bike-riding Norwegian

This week, the late summer holiday I call SepTIMber rolled around again. Yes, it’s another notch on the birthday belt.

Last year was the leap to a new decade. I remember in earlier years, turn 30, 40 or even 50 was seen as a big landmark in your life. I don’t remember my 30th being a big deal. 40, I believe there was a big party. For my 50th, I was reinventing myself as a writer in a post-radio apocalypse that was my career. That was also a year of life changes and the launch of some pretty emotionally draining parts of my life.

Then, things started to turn.

Right now, I can’t be grateful enough for all that I’ve got, being able to do what I like to do for a living, working with some great people and projects, and it just keeps going.

I remember when 61-years-old was ancient. It was the year before you retired.

Now, with the retirement carrot extended further with an even longer stick, most people turning that decade don’t see anything close to retirement in the near future. I like to say that I’ve been planning on retirement and that I should have all the money I’ll need by the time I’m 122.

But I’m 61, just half-way there. You know the thing I love the most about being this age: I’ve reached it in fairly good health. The body has been cooperating, I’m still able to be active (perhaps, TOO active) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Each week begins with a checklist of things I’m pushing myself to do. There’s my Wacky Week Podcast, featuring a new episode each week. This week, I not only have a bit we did back in the radio days with former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren, but also, an interview I did a few days ago with a Norwegian journalist who rode his bike from Washington, D.C. to Seattle, talking with people along the way. His goal–to try and explain to his fellow Norwegians back home what the heck Americans are thinking in this election.  I told him if he figured it out, to be sure and share with us.

I also write a blog, reminiscent of my days as a columnist for the Bothell Reporter. You know, I turned some of those articles into an actual book you can buy on Amazon. (wow, look at the price on that! Don’t let them know I’ve got a box of ’em. It’s like commodities investing) You can actually download the Kindle version for free.

There’s my weekly Tim Hunter Creative Services newsletter that flies into inboxes each and every Wednesday. It’s a way to remind people about what I do, in the chance that perhaps, one day we can work together.

I’m up at 4am each morning to write for Radio-Online, a show prep service.  I write gags for ventriloquist Mark Merchant and cartoonist Steve Kelley. I do the occasional auction or emcee an event, like the Lutefisk Eating Contest this Saturday at the Fishermen’s Fall Festival.

I’m involved with several clubs & organizations, do way too much volunteer work for my own good but the bottom line is–I can. I’m lucky enough to be doing all the things I want to do.  I’m even hoping a screenplay I wrote years ago might have a chance again thanks to a new door that opened recently.

Yeah, I’m 61, but I’m far from done. You know, years ago, an astrologer did a complete breakdown on me and what the stars said was going to happen in my life. She pointed to some huge success when I was a senior. Looking at it now, she might have just been talking about the ripe old age of 61.  Makes you wonder what a huge success I’ll be when I finally hit that retirement age of 122.

Remember, you’re here. You’ve got a life. Live it.  You’ll be hitting 61 and denying it before you know it.

And laugh a little, would ya?

Tim Hunter


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