The Swarm

A couple of Sundays ago, my son, Tyson and his fiancé Lacey invited us to join her parents on the rooftop of her condo for a Sunday lunch. What a great way to hang, get caught up on the latest wedding plans and spend a little time with soon-to-be-relatives.

The lunch was almost perfect. Delicious steaks and swordfish, salads that fit our finicky eating habits these days, it was just awesome. Add to that, it was Seafair Sunday and this Fremont-area rooftop had a distant view of the Blue Angels who were swarming the skies that day.

There they go!

There they go!

But they weren’t alone.

As we began to enjoy our feast, those all-too-familiar northwest late-summer guests arrived–the yellow jackets! At first, it was a curious couple. But steadily, the numbers increased and their boldness accelerated that we had to round up the food and cut short the dining portion of our afternoon.

For most people, they would have that experience, and move on. I had an idea pop into my head. And THIS is the result.

I feel much better. It’s like therapy. But remember–beware The Swarm!


Tim Hunter

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