Sometimes A Great Speech Deserves To Be Done Twice

First day into the Republican National Convention and there was already a big controversy.

Really?  Do you call Melania’s convention speech that borrowed a chunk from Michelle Obama’s speech several years ago “plagiarism?”  No, really, I’ll give you second chance to answer that.  Still stick by your feeling that using a speech word for word that’s been done before is plagiarism?  OK, if nothing else, misdemeanor plagiarism?

Then, what’s the next step?  Arrest them?  Not likely.  Think less of the person who repurposed the talking points?  You could.

Or you could take a step back from the partisanship that some folks embrace every election year and realize that this is the same game, just different players, doing the same thing they’ve always done.

How do you feel about someone who repurposes a speech a couple of years after its been made?

Watch this clip and let me know if you still hold the same opinion.

This isn’t to defend one candidate or diss another. Both of our “choices” are just doing what American politicians have always done. They go back to the playback of a presidential candidate who came out on top and implement that strategy.  They reach back and borrow some words that were said before, with the hope of recreating that spark in today’s crowd.

I’m observing. We’ve got a long way between here and November, I’ve got two main candidates I don’t care for and I secretly hope that a third comes along that I can vote for and feel good about it. The concept of actually voting FOR someone rather than out of fear of the other is strongly appealing to me.

And, being the land of the free, that should still be possible, right?

Tim Hunter

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