True Confession #1582


Oh, I’m sure I have more than that, but I just picked a random number.

It’s one of those stories that popped into my mind when a picture of the person involved passed through my social media feeds. Because I’d like her to not disown me as a friend, no names will be used to protect the innocent.

It was a recording session at Destination Marketing.  The mighty Scott Burns was manning the audio equipment and I was there to direct the talent who stood in the recording booth on the other side of the glass. She read the lines, they didn’t seem to flow, so I rewrote them on my copy of the script.  Another read, more changes.  Pretty soon, both of our copies of the scripts were pretty messed up and hard to read, so we put things on hold and I dashed down to my office to write up a clean script.

I printed the easier-to-read versions and dashed back down the hall to our awaiting talent. As I rushed down the hall and then pushed open the recording booth door, she yelled out, “No!  Don’t come in!”  I thought she was being silly….until I took a breath.  Apparently, while I was gone, she had released one of the meanest, nastiest farts ever cast upon mankind.  I handed her the scripts, acted as if I had been gassed by the Kaiser’s troops and slipped back out of the booth.  The next five minutes or so, we all spent laughing hysterically.

What’s better yet, somewhere there is an audio recording of that incident.

Aw, what goes on behind closed studio doors……

Tim Hunter


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