OK, it’s a given–I know a lot of people.

Primarily, it’s because I enjoy meeting people, getting to know them, staying in touch over the years.  If I had to count up the number of people I actually dislike (and I temper that a great deal because I feel actually hating someone takes too much energy) I could probably count ’em on one hand.

We’re all together on this rock.  Each of us has had some great moments, some tragedy, a little fun, a generous helping of all the things in the Smorgasbord of Life.  I have this crazy theory that we all receive the same amount of each, we just get it at different times during our experience here.  Things go great for years, then fall apart.  Or, they’re great, then down, then great again, then down.  Or, life sucks at the start, but we work out of it (or at least have the opportunity to do so) and things go smoothly from there.

All that aside, between my outgoing demeanor and my life experiences, I have met a lot of people. Let me just pluck two of them out of thin air–Shellane Adams and Teena Christel.

I met Shellane years ago, when Penguin Windows needed a spokesperson for their TV commercials.  Shellane was trying her hand at some acting jobs, stood out in the auditions and next thing you know, she was the company spokesperson. Here’s one of her pieces we did for Penguin, before they were shut down.  These days, she’s a loving mom and a mortgage specialist for Homestreet Bank.

Next up is Teena Christel. Our paths had actually crossed a couple of times and the next thing you know, I directed a video for her company, MySource Consulting. Over the years, we’ve stayed in touch.  I’ve even done some other recent video work with her, like this segment, as she tries to get the word out about her company’s different way of doing things.

Two random people that have remained good friends and business associates over the years and that have absolutely no connection whatsoever. Or so I thought.

This morning, I see a picture in my Facebook feed.  It’s Teena, down in Mexico, enjoying a little sun and sitting right next to…..Shellane…..in Cabo.  Roo?

I had to ask her the questions running through my head: “What? Huh? How…? When…? Uh, explain!”

And she texted back:

“We’re neighbors. I did her loan… We realized how close we lived together… Started walking.. And the rest is friendship history! :)…… Small world, isn’t it???”

What are the friggin’ odds?

So there you have it. It really is a small world and so, to completely scar you for the rest of today, watch this.

You’re welcome.

Tim Hunter

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