I’m In Love

OK, I’ve had this relationship for several months now and it’s official–I’m in love with my Surface Pro 3.

One of my biggest faults is being a Microsoft early adapter.  A new operating system comes out, I install it, disaster ensues.  I’ve made a career out of it. Yes, the next time something comes along, I’m in stalling the beta version and hoping that this time, it’ll be the greatest ever.

That’s been true of all the various forms of Windows that have crawled out of Redmond over the years—’95, Me, Vista–I embraced them all.  I even struggled through the first version of Windows 8 and for a while, regretted ever giving up my 7.

Truth be told, I did not rush out and buy a Surface when they first arrived. I waited until this spring, when finally, the hype became unbearable.  So, on that opening weekend, I went to the Microsoft store, took a Surface Pro 3 for a test drive and the honeymoon still continues.

There are plenty of reviews by experts, pro and con, on every electronic device ever made.  If you’re an Apple-head, there’s nothing I can do for you.  Most of them are pretty elitist when it comes to computer and a PC will always be below them.  That’s OK.

But if you are in the market for a laptop or tablet, here’s your chance to get both at a bit less than you’d pay for an Apple anything.

The details–I got the $999 version.  Add in the keyboard and the unconditional warrantee so even if I drive over it, they’ll replace it….oh, and the tax….and it clocked in around $1,350.

From my view, the pro’s–

  • The touch screen–OMG, once you’ve had one, you’re hooked.  Now, when I want to get a closer look, no matter what computer I’m using (I have 5) I try to adjust the screen by touching it.  Much like your phone.
  • The keyboard magnetically attaches, as does the charging cable.
  • The kickstand lets you use the tablet or laptop version with ease. (not available with a Mac)
  • It has a USB connection. (also, Mac’s are above that sort of thing)
  • There’s the electric pen that lets you write on the screen and take notes.  Awesome.
  • The size–it’s in-between a full and a mini, but a comfortable size.  So, the next time you’re on a plane and the guy in front leans back, you can still set it up and work.

The drawbacks

  • Windows 8.  Bill, you still got a few things to make easier on the user.

Seriously, the best thing you can do is go in and take one for a test drive. Or not.  Just trying to make your life a little easier for you.

I consider it one of the best investments I ever made.  And, I remain, in love.

Tim Hunter

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