A Great ID

If nothing else, after roaming through the blogs on this site, if you have good nugget to take along with you, I’ve reached my goal.

I picked this one up from the owner of Destination Marketing, Dan Voetmann, so he gets full credit. You know that spot on the back of your credit or debit card where you are supposed to sign?  Instead of your signature, print the words, “Please Ask For ID.”

That does a couple of things.  For starters, should you ever lose your card and someone tries to use it, they may not have planned on it saying that.  The other thing that will amaze you is the number of times people don’t ask for your ID and just ring things up.

Over the weekend, while up in the San Juan Islands, I purchased something and the clerk asked for my ID, right on cue. You’d think people would want to be asked, but she told the story of one shopper who presented a card, was asked for her ID and then angrily replied, “Really?  You don’t remember me from last summer?”

It takes all kinds.

Tim Hunter

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