Marquis Mark

City Cinema 500th sign

There are probably a lot of things that you had no idea that I do.

For example, flew down to Phoenix Monday afternoon, and spent all day Tuesday directing a commercial shoot for a mattress store client. Telling extras where to stand or walk, helping the talent deliver their lines, etc.  Wrapped up, flew home to Seattle and my head hit the pillow at home shortly before 1am.

If we’ve ever chatted about my daily routine, you know that every weekday morning, I get up at 4am to write “show prep” for RadioOnline, a subscription service for disc jockeys so they can skim what I and several other writes put together each day, and sound brilliant.  Sometimes, even funny.

One of my contributions each week is a silly little produced video piece I call simply “City Cinema.”  It’s a mock of what you would hear if you called a small town movie theater and listened to their recorded message of what’s playing.  Except, of course, packed with puns and quick comedic jabs.

This was an occasional bit back in the Murdock, Hunter and Alice days, that we would hit on Friday mornings–the day new movies come out and when most people would give serious thought to going to a movie.  I easily did a hundred or so of those during my reign at KLSY.  But when that blew up, I continued the tradition as part of every Thursday’s feed to RadioOnline.   While available to over 1,000 stations around the world, I don’t know exactly how many play this bit.  But they haven’t told me to stop doing it.  And within the next couple of weeks, I will have created 500 of these for ROL.

Here’s the one airing this week.

As you can hear, it’s pretty much good for one day.  I’ve done a few generic ones over the years, but for the most part, they burn the week they’re played and that’s it.

How I know at least one radio station in the middle of Nowhere, Oregon, is playing them is that a friend reported one night, they were driving along and all of a sudden, there I was on their radio.  Nice to know it’s not just me laughing.

Or, maybe it is?  I’ll have the voices in my head vote on it when I’m done here.

Enjoy the show and have yourself a snack!

Tim Hunter

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