Wait! This Could Work!


It was a special moment.

I had been thinking lately about getting a new Seahawks jersey.  Oh, I have one that is their older-style uniforms,  with the number 51 on it, from the days when Lofa Tatupu was playing for the Seahawks.

That was back in their last Super Bowl run, which was a very special year in my life.  There was a lot of change going on and that included a Seahawk team that was a serious contender.  Every Sunday, I’d get together with friends and we’d yell and scream at every play.  Man, that was fun.

But now, this is a whole new Seahawks.  These guys have World Champs written all over them and maybe, just maybe it’s time for a newer look jersey.

I was staring in the bathroom mirror, thinking about my dilemma, when it dawned on me.  My #51 jersey looked almost like a #12 in the mirror.

I considered it a sign.  For now, it’s what I’ll be wearing come Sunday, as I have for the past few weeks.  It’s only superstitious if it doesn’t work.

And in the mirror, it’s a #12 as in “the Twelth Man.”

Then again, it would also indicate I’m a fan of the Skwahaes.

Tim Hunter

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