My Prediction

seahawks champs

The stage has been set.  The Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl game next Sunday.

And the Seahawks will win.

I usually go into these things HOPING for a win.  I believe this with everything I’ve got.

In 2006, Seattle fans got their hopes up high and went into a Super Bowl game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Looking back, we had a team that over-achieved, a network loving the storyline of Jerome Bettis and his final game and some referees that, in a few years, would admit they blew some important calls.  It just wasn’t meant to be.

This time, the Seahawks are solid. While their offense has been all over the board, the defense is as solid as you get.  We’re deep–if an injury takes out a key player, there’s a spare one on the bench waiting to show their talent.

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, the offensive and defensive lines, Richard Sherman, Golden Tate…the list goes on and on.  Our talent is the cream the crop and assembling them all together to create this team is a once in a lifetime combination.  It feels like this is the team we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Oh, sure, you’ve got the extremely talented Peyton Manning leading the Broncos, but outside of a practice game, he has not seen this kind of pass rush and defense.  He’s going to have to hurry his throws, thread his passes and most likely scramble more than he’s had to all season.  Remember, just a couple of weeks ago, we held the very talented Drew Brees scoreless for three quarters.

This time around, I’m not hoping–I’m believing.  The Seahawks team has the talent, the will and the thirst for this city’s first championship in any sport for decades.

To paraphrase Russell Wilson’s father, “Why not us?”

Go Hawks!

Tim Hunter

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