I attended my first-ever Bothell Chamber of Commerce meeting Wednesday as one of its newest members.  A sold-out lunch, all the movers and shakers of this Northshore city were there—the mayor, the police chief, the principal of Bothell High School and lots of Bothell business owners that I’ve met over the years.

A funny thing happened while getting something to drink. I went over to the beverage counter.  Didn’t feel like coffee.  The lemonade probably had lots of sugar and would be a no-no for this guy fighting off type 2 diabetes.  Then, I noticed a pitcher with just ice in it.  I loaded up a cup with ice, then noticed a pump pot with the sign, “Water.”  While filling up my cup, I noticed it was HOT water (not on the sign).

I had started with a cup of ice, added the hot water and returned to the table with a cup of room-temperature water.  Just like the truth—smack dab in the middle.

Not a life-changing experience, but one I thought I would share.

Remember, it’s the little things that make the big things seem larger.

Tim Hunter

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