It amazes me that when one of Seattle’s sports teams shows signs of greatness that so many people here don’t know what to do!

Someone I know is completely stressed out and worried about what’s going to happen Saturday. Several other people I know will go into the game and, while watching it, look for ways that we’re going to blow it.  It’s as if they’re expecting us to fail.

Being raised in southern California, I fortunately grew up in a sports fan boot camp.  By the time I reach 8 and was interested in baseball and little league, those Los Angeles Dodgers were sweeping the Yankees in the World Series 4-0!  Two years later, they played the Minnesota Twins and lost the first two games at home…only to rally and win the World Series in seven games.

During those same years, the Los Angeles Lakers were my basketball team and it almost became a tradition for them to win the division title, only to lose to Boston or New York in the finals.  Then, they started winning titles.

The only national champions we’ve seen in Seattle were those 1979 Sonics and the 1991 title-sharing Husky Football Team.  That’s it.  We had a couple of great runs by the Mariners that fell short in 1995 and 2001, but that’s all. It’s been a long dry spell.

But I’d like to remind the doubters and the late-comers of one very important thing:  we have not seen a Seahawk team like this before.  These guys have been the talk of the league.  They don’t quit.  The evolution of this squad has reached a pinnacle that we may never reach again in our lifetimes.

The 2013-14 Seahawks squad is complete.  There are so many variables when it comes to the results every week.  The offense could be on, but the defense stumbles.  We just can’t seem to score, but the defense keeps us in the game.  Every game, a different player shines, reminding us of the depth of this squad.  When someone gets injured, the backup player seizes that moment and shines.

As we countdown the minutes until kickoff against the New Orleans Saints tomorrow, drop the doubting, forget the fretting and just enjoy this incredible ride.  If you’re at the game, soak it all in and absorb all those stories you’ll be talking about for years.  If you’re like me and enjoying the game in the comfort and warmth of your home, promise me to do just one simple thing: believe.

Russell Wilson believes.  Pete Carroll believes.  Richard Sherman, Percy Harvin….don’t think they’re going out on that field and wondering how the game is going to turn out.  We have been blessed with a collection of very talented football players, who are ready to bring a championship to this town.

Prove that we deserve it.  Know that we’re going to win.  Yell, laugh, cheer…but most importantly, believe.

Tim Hunter

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