Confession of a Silver Prius Owner

I had just pulled up to my car, opened up the hatchback on my silver Prius and was going to unload my latest treasures from Costco, when a silver car pulled up next to me with the window rolled down.  The driver leaned over towards his wife and said, “I saw you!

Before I could wonder what he was talking about, he finished his thought.

“I saw you try to open up the wrong Prius.  My wife does that all time!”  His wife sat in the passenger seat, embarrassed by the attention.

But he was right.  Moments before, I had pulled up, got out my car keys, hit the automatic opener and….nothing.  Hit it again and nothing.  I tried the hatch again and then realized just how dirty this car was.  “My car wasn’t that dirty when I went into Costco!”

And therein lied the answer to my dilemma.  This was not my silver Prius.

I tried to nonchalantly move on, searching frantically for my car, hitting the remote until the beeping guided me in the right direction.  And just when I thought I had gotten away with it, I was busted.  We all shared a laugh, I opened the right car, put away my purchases and headed back to work.

Such is the life of a baby boomer in the parking lot of a Costco.

Until the next time…..

Tim Hunter

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