My former co-worker Brady Layman came across a logo for the first radio station I ever worked at where I got paid.

KQOT logo

Oh, I had spent some time at KCMU at the University of Washington (now KEXP, the Experience Music Project’s station) and KING-AM where I interned.  But up my graduation from 4 years of college, I was able to go over the mountains and earn an amazing $350 a month as KQOT’s newest disk jockey.

How does this all tie-in to Thanksgiving.  Because when you’re a small daytime radio station in Yakima, Washington, you can do promotions that you probably wouldn’t do in a major market.  For example, on Valentine’s Day, we invited listeners to come see a free movie if they wore a paper heart on their shirt with the words, “I have a heart on for KQOT.”

Yes, we had no shame.

For Thanksgiving, it was “KQOT gives you the bird.”

Yep, that’s how did it at the Q.  Q93!  KQOT!

Doing the math….let’s see….wow, 36 years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tim Hunter

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