I Finally Figured It Out

I’m sitting here watching “World War Z”, while flipping through the latest updates on Facebook and it came to me.  As I watch people post their “Throwback Thursday” photos, I realize THAT’S why I’m such a camera nut.

Radio buddy Ron Wilde posts a picture of him in the KLSY studio.  Geez, I spent a lot of time there.  A quick estimate would clock it in at 7600+ hours talking between records, doing interviews, connecting with our audience.  Now, looking back, I hardly took any pictures in that control room.  My KLSY career represents a third of my time on this rock, yet I have very few pictures to show for it. Pictures that would take me back, that would remind me of  special times with my morning show partners, Bruce Murdock and Alice Porter.

Oh, I took pictures.  Some here, some there.  But I believe it’s because of the sparse collection of photos I have of those days that I tend to over compensate today. Yes, on a recent trip to Norway, I took over 4800 pictures.  I need to find the middle ground.

Pictures serve as reminders, as “snapshots” of a point in our lives.

And so I take them.  As if I’ve got a timer going. And that this special moment in my life could be the last.  I know deep down inside it won’t be, but if I am lucky enough to have lots of special lives in my life.  With age, they become harder to remember.

And I really want to remember these.

Tim Hunter

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