Each of us have them.  They are the ingredients that help make us the unique individuals we’ve become.  Those bizarre moments, claims to fame and other incidents that occurred in our lives—significant, but not enough to bring up every day, or any day.  For the most part, they lie buried deep in our memories with maybe a reminder of the occurrence buried deep in the attic or cellar.

You don’t bring them up because it would sound boastful.  Yet, the people who really care about you would find it interesting and wonder why they hadn’t heard about it before.  Those are the footnotes of your life and I’m going to attempt to list as many as I can recall about me.  You never know—someday I might be a category on Jeopardy and you’ll thank me then.

When I was 11, I rode my bicycle over to the Sears Parking lot at Del Amo Mall in Torrance to see a politician give a speech from the back of a flatbed truck.  He was running for governor. His name was Ronald Reagan.

In the 1990s, I was the voice of “Inspector Gadget” in the computer game of the same name.  Don Adams wanted $1-million to do it.  I did it for $25 an hour.

I was once the announcer voice for a “Salute to Michael Jackson” TV special. My friend Rick Portin slipped me in as the announcer for a gala thrown in Hollywood.

I wrote the original franchise presentation video for Red Robin restaurants, long, long ago.

I wrote jokes for Jay Leno’s monologues for 10 years through White Collar Comedy, a group of writers.  At first, I received $50 per joke, eventually going up to $75.

I secretly wrote jokes for celebrities to tell at Warren Buffett’s 75th birthday party thrown by Bill Gates.  I was writing for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diane Sawyer and others.  Don’t know which ones were chosen, but I gave them a bunch.

While interviewing Al Gore on the radio that fateful election year, we got him to say that Murdock, Hunter and Alice would receive an invitation to the Inaugural Ball if he won.

Other great phone successes in my radio days:  Ordering breakfast for Husky Football Coach Don James during one of his Rose Bowl trips to Pasadena. He called to thank us.   We also once called broadcast legend Paul Harvey on his birthday and he took our call.  Also, for Secretary’s Day (remember that) we called up the U.S. Secretary of Defense and while we didn’t me him, we did get to talk with Pete Williams, then the assistant Secretary of Defense, now with NBC news.

I was also part of two, non-stop 28 hour marathon broadcasts for the Make A Wish foundation.  I seriously don’t know how we did it.

I’m going to consider this an open-ended document and as I recall more stories, they’ll come your way.  I may not remember them all in years to come, but I’ll be able to come back here, read this list and say, “Oh, yeah….forgot about that!”

Thanks for being out there for me.

Tim Hunter


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